Wrought Iron Gates

“Installation of traditional elegance for your entrance”

Wrought Iron Gates

If you’ve seen the Sound of Music and can remember the scene where Maria reaches the Von Trapp family home for the first time, you may recall the first impression she had. With the sophisticated wrought iron gates towering above her, Maria stopped in her tracks in utter awe. Creating the right first impression to your home will not only wow your guests but could add more value to your property.

Electric Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are old fashioned and grand with their swirling patterns and intricate designs. In Britain, a lot of wrought iron railings and gates were used in WWII to help the war effort; you may have noticed stone walls outside old houses with iron squares sticking out, these are the old railings that have been sawn off. In today’s modern society, we have become nostalgic; and traditions and designs of the past are becoming increasingly popular. Electric wrought iron gates are a perfect example.

What is wrought iron?

You’ll be surprised how often this phrase is used yet people are unsure what wrought iron is. Not to be confused with cast iron, which is melted iron, poured into a cast before allowed to cool. Wrought iron is iron that has been heated and worked with tools. The word “wrought” is derived from the word “worked.”

What are the advantages of a wrought iron gate?

Wrought iron is strong, durable, and secure. There’s no question why this choice of material is used for official buildings’ railings and gates. With their elegant curves and elaborate designs, they give a sense of grandeur to domestic properties and provide an old-fashioned aesthetic to home exteriors.
Whether you want added security for your garden, driveway or other perimeter or looking to create an eloquent feature, DC Gate Solutions have a dedicated highly-qualified team that will talk you through the process and provide a full quote for the work required.

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Where can you place a wrought iron gate?

Another advantage of a wrought iron gate is versatility. They look incredible wherever they are placed, including:

How DC Gate Solutions can help you

If you want to create a vision of splendour outside your home, contact our team for an impartial chat about your needs. We have a range of designs available in a selection of heights and widths to suit any entrance. We can also install electric automation to wrought iron gates to prevent any strain or injury upon entry. While you’re there, please enquire about our service packages to keep your gates in peak condition year after year.

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