Wooden Gates

For a more traditional look, wooden gates are the perfect choice for your driveway.

Wooden Gates

One of the more popular choices, we design and install first-class, bespoke wooden gates, and garage doors. Made to measure with a clean finish, we understand that the quality of wood used will make all the difference in the durability of your gates.

DC Gate Solutions have a broad range of designs to choose from, including custom options should you wish.

  • Gate Designs
  • Single gates
  • Double gates
  • Five bar gates (swan neck)
  • Automation options available

Why we use Iroko for our wooden gates

To make sure to deliver high-quality, we use hard-wearing Iroko wood for our gates. Native to tropical Africa, Iroko wood is rot and insect resistant (perfect in our unpredictable UK climate!) With a golden-yellow appearance, if left unvarnished or oiled, it tends to darken over time. All our gates are suitable for staining, oiling or painting.

The best type of wood for an automated gate

In addition to Iroko wood’s pleasing appearance, it has a dense texture which withstands moisture and reduces shrinkage. When creating an automatic entrance, the materials used need to be rigid and durable to withstand the strain. Based on its characteristics, Iroko wood is perfect for use with electric or automated gates.

How our wooden gates can improve your privacy levels

We understand that your home is your place of rest, and that’s why it’s essential to feel safe and secure without the dreaded nosy neighbour making an appearance. If you prefer closed boards or a taller design, we are happy to accommodate you.

Keep your gate in top condition with a service package

To keep your gates in top condition, we offer service packages for longevity and security. Available in two different tiers and packed with benefits, your gates will continue to bring you pride upon entry to your home. Please contact our expert team for a chat about your requirements.

Over 1000+ gates installed throughout the South

Whether you require a quote for a new installation, to book a service for your existing gates, need a repair or want to upgrade your current gates, there’s plenty of ways to get in touch! Simply get in contact with our electric gates company today !

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