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Electric wooden gates are a great option if you want a traditional look for your driveway combined with the technology and ease of access that automated gates provide.

What type of wood is best for electric wooden gates?

We offer a huge range of commercial and residential gates in all different sizes, designs and materials. For electric gates wooden finishes are a fine choice, and we recommend Iroko wood to our customers. The Iroko tree, Milicia excelsa, is a large hardwood tree that is native to Africa and is ideal for this type of project. Similar to teak in appearance, it has a pleasing aesthetic that can complement both modern and traditional designs.

In its natural state, Iroko wood ranges from yellow to copper in colour, depending on the age of the wood. In the wild, the trees can live up to 500 years, and like the trees themselves, the wood is extremely hardwearing and will withstand the test of time. Hardwearing wood is necessary to withstand the elements and weather conditions that exposed outdoor gates are subject to.

How do electric wooden gates work?

Depending on the entrance to your property, there are a number of mechanisms that may be suitable – from swing gate designs to sliding gates. The automation system for swing gates can also be installed above ground or underground.

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What types of electric wooden gates are there?

Swing gates

For swing gates to be installed, rams are used, which work by pushing or pulling the gate to allow access. In an above-ground system, the rams are placed on the rear of the gate to avoid the mechanism being visible from the outside. For underground installations, the electric mechanism is not visible to the eye from either side, creating a more natural appearance.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates are great if you only have a limited amount of space or your entrance is situated on a slope. To fit this type of electric gate we use a track with canter-levers to complete the mechanism.

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