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Driveway bollards are an extremely common feature outside commercial properties to provide them with an additional layer of security, but did you know that they also provide a number of benefits for residential properties? Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which driveway bollards can benefit your home.

The benefits of driveway bollards


Privacy is one of the most significant concerns for residential homeowners who live in high-traffic areas close to main roads or local amenities such as cinemas or shopping centres. Although the majority of drivers will respect your right to privacy within the borders of your property, others may see your empty driveway as a potential parking or turning space. Driveway bollards can provide drivers with a visual and physical indicator of your private drive while also preventing drivers from using your space to turn around and cause unwanted hassle and noise.


Vehicle theft is on the increase in the UK, so it is more important than ever to give your vehicle adequate protection. Driveway bollards act as both physical and psychological barriers to thieves, who are likely to avoid trespassing onto your property if they see a solid obstacle that could potentially hinder their getaway. Driveway bollards will also reduce the risk of ram-raid attacks on your garage or accidental vehicle damage caused by drivers taking the wrong turning.

Minimalist aesthetics

Many residential homeowners avoid adding additional security measures, such as steel gates, to the exterior of their home because they can block the view of their property from the street (and vice versa) or be a barrier to essential pedestrian access. If you have a particularly beautiful view from your home, driveway bollards can give your property the security and privacy it needs without restricting your sightlines and still permitting easy access on foot, for a minimalist alternative.

If you are interested in installing automatic or manual driveway bollards or gates outside your property, get in touch with our friendly team at DC Gate Solutions today.

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