Gate Maintenance

“Ensuring the maintenance of our residential and commercial customer gates”

Gate Maintenance

Keeping your electric gates in good working order is as essential as getting an MOT for your vehicle. Electric gates contain moving parts, subjected to the elements 24/7, and run the risk of breaking down. DC Gate Solutions may specialise in the installation of electric gates, but our expertise does not stop there. We continue to provide after-care to our customers, ensuring their gates are operating as smoothly as possible. Correct gate operation is not only essential for access to your property, but it also prevents any accidents to yourself, property, and the public. By looking after your gates, you reduce the risk of expensive emergency repairs.

Offering our customers, a variety of maintenance and repair options

Here at DC Gate Solutions, we provide maintenance call-outs and run diagnostics on all parts. We offer advisories and repairs if they’re needed. We also offer two levels of service packages. Offering great value for money for our residential and commercial gates customers, our service packages customers receive priority call-outs in the event of breakdowns, 1 or 2 free maintenance checks a year! All gates will be checked to ensure they are fully compliant with the latest HSE standards to provide the highest level of safety.

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If you want to discuss how we can maintain your residential or commercial gates, please get in touch on 07931 707227 or visit our contact us page for more options.

Don’t have electric gates yet? Head over to our residential electric gates or commercial electric gates pages for more information on how we can design and install bespoke gates for your entrance.

If your gates have already suffered from a breakdown, visit our emergency repairs page for more information on how we can help you.

Over 1000+ gates installed throughout the South

Whether you require a quote for a new installation, to book a service for your existing gates, need a repair or want to upgrade your current gates, there’s plenty of ways to get in touch! Simply get in contact with our electric gates company today !