Emergency Gate Repair

“Ensuring the emergency repair of our residential and commercial customers’ gates”

Electric Gate Repair

It can be a nightmare when your gates stop working. That’s why DC Gate Solutions offer a emergency gate repair service to get your gates functioning correctly again. Based in the south, we serve the surrounding areas and along the M4 corridor. Reaching you quickly and resuming the smooth operation of your gates.

Over 1000+ gates installed throughout the South

Whether you require a quote for a new installation, to book a service for your existing gates, need a repair or want to upgrade your current gates, there’s plenty of ways to get in touch! Simply get in contact with our electric gates company today !

Emergency gate repairs FAQ

Keeping your electric gates in good working order is as essential as getting an MOT for your vehicle. Electric gates contain moving parts, subjected to the elements 24/7, and run the risk of breaking down.

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Yes; in fact, our standard call-out fee remains the same for installed and non-installed gates. Offering you competitive prices with the same high-quality customer service and maintenance.
Our customers can expect to receive a visit within 72 hours, depending on our availability. We prioritise our jobs so if your gates stop working, we aim to get them back to full working condition as soon as possible. Our Gold Service Package customers receive a guaranteed call-out time of 24 hours.
Yes; upon speaking to our customer service team, we will determine the fault and ensure our experienced engineers have the parts with them on arrival. If we discover another defect, our engineers will be able to provide quotes and timescales for any additional parts and labour.
Yes, we cover all parts with our 18-month warranty because we always want all our customers to experience the same level of outstanding service. Ensuring your gates are in top condition requires occasional maintenance or you may suffer an unwanted breakdown. To prevent this, we offer a range of electric gate service packages with discounts on emergency call-outs, annual services included in the price, and more. Check out our packages here.

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