Electric Sliding Gates

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Electric Sliding Gates

As humans, our primal instinct to protect our territory is still present and safeguarding our property is paramount for a feeling of safety. However, what happens when your gateway is too broad or steep? A swing gate design would get stuck or would not be strong enough for the extra-wide width. A Bi-bold gate may do the job, but if you haven’t got the clearance, you need something else. Welcome the electric sliding gate!

Automatic sliding gate

Supported by rails that run along the inside of the fence structure, cantilever gates “hang” without the use of a track underneath for support. Due to their gravity-defying nature, automatic sliding gates (cantilever gates) require precision installation to ensure the correct balance and weight distribution is used to prevent breakdowns. 

What access control options do you offer for electric and automatic sliding gates?

If you choose to have a electric and automatic sliding gate, we have a wide range of access control methods to allow entry to give you that extra security that is required. Choose from a variety of fob, pin code, or remote operation. Whether you’re based please speak to our friendly team to discuss your options further.

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