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Automatic gate installations – We’re recognised as the leading Electric gates installation provider in Wiltshire.

We, DC Gate Solutions have become well renowned in Wiltshire for providing the highest quality gate installation, automatic gate installation and routine gate maintenance services. Not only do we provide the installation, but we also provide you with expert guidance and designs to help best decide the optimal electric gate, be it a wooden gate or steel gate, to install on your premises. Check out our post on choosing the right automatic driveway gate to get you started on what to look for when selecting the most suitable driveway gate. So then, what do we offer?

Security enhancement systems

That reinforced stainless steel or fine quality timber for your automated gate tends to be just not quite enough security for your business. That’s why we provide additional security systems for all automatic gates. Ensure only authorised persons can open your electric gate by installing our sophisticated access control systems. Intrusion detection systems are also a great addition to detecting any attempt to breach your electric gate.

Gate customisation and variety

Having no idea about the type of automated driveway gate you’d like is something we hear quite often. So to help, we often share our vast collection of sliding gates and swing gates examples to grab some ideas and inspiration from, all from the many previous installations we’ve carried out over the years. Check out our gallery containing our previously installed automatic gates, this is the tip of the ice-berg from our extensive library. When working with us, one thing is always certain, you’ll get your automated driveway gates completely customised to look and function exactly as you like. Try us and you’ll see why!

Fair prices

We have successfully established ourselves as the leading provider in electric gates and driveway gates across the south east of the UK, especially in Wiltshire. Why, because all gates are designed, manufactured and installed based out of our local office and manufacturing facilities. All work is carried out in house providing that full turnkey solution. What’s better than quality British engineering and service for a fair installation price with maintenance plans of your automated gates for years to come?

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