Driveway Bollards

Driveway Bollards suitable for car parks, public spaces, warehouses and more

Driveway Bollards

If you don’t have space for a full swing gate or sliding gate at your property, you don’t have to be unprotected. At DC Gate Solutions, we install high-quality driveway bollards that are aesthetically pleasing when in use and discreet when they aren’t. Read on to find out more information in our handy short guide.

What is a driveway bollard?

A driveway bollard is used to protect your home from various crimes, including vehicle thefts, ram-raiding, and vehicle thefts. Made from sturdy materials such as concrete and steel; driveway bollards aim to withstand the brute force that gates may not.

Placement of bollards

Place driveway bollards at a certain distance from your wall, hedge or fence post to the centre, to ensure your driveway has optimum protection. More than one bollard may be required to cover the width of the drive. As experienced professionals, we can measure your driveway accurately and advise on the correct number of bollards needed and the most suitable materials and designs. Some properties have a high-water table; if you think your property falls into the bracket, we can discuss additional requirements. For example, we offer removable in addition to underground bollards to combat the risk of water immersion.

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Choosing the right driveway bollards

To establish to correct type of bollard your driveway requires, we recommend making a note of how busy your driveway is. If you have vehicles which require access, how often do you use the drive each day? If you leave and return once a day, installing a manually operated bollard is a solution. This type of bollard is raised and lowered by hand and secured with a lever when in position. If you’re concerned about the weight of the bollard and risk of injury, please call our customer service team who will discuss further options.

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