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Select the right automatic driveway gate for you using our simple top tips.

Having a hard time deciding on the right automatic driveway gate? Well, you’re in the right place. The key to selecting the right automatic driveway gate lies in the question; how do want your automatic gate to open? The two most common driveway gate types include, sliding gate, and swing gate due to how they open.

The swing gate.

As the name suggests, this driveway gate swings open. Swing gates come in many styles and shapes to choose from, hence the swinging gates are most popular for residential homes.

Sliding gate.

Sliding gates open by sliding horizontally. Sliding gates are a huge space saver, that’s why they are common in commercial buildings.

What to look out for?


How much space you are willing to set aside for your driveway gate? Sliding gates are best suited if the allocated gate space is low. So if you’ve got the space, you may as well grab a fine-looking set of swing gates for your compound.

Frequency of use

If you plan on opening and closing the driveway gate every minute of every day, then go for the sliding gate. Swing gates aren’t suitable in such settings due to the friction on the hinges. For this reason, sliding gates are more appropriate in industrial gating.


Which of the two driveway gates is more secure? When it comes to gates and security, it’s a simply a matter of difficulty when attempting to break in. Swing gates are easier to break in since they offer low resistance when being pushed open. Sliding gates will henceforth assure better security for your property.

Wrapping up

There are also other minor factors to consider when picking the right automatic driveway gate such as the material used to make the driveway gate itself. The purpose is to help you pick the right automatic driveway gate with ease, so we’ve broken down the essential factors.

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