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Protecting your business is a top priority for any owner. Have you installed CCTV, enhanced the locks on your front door or installed the latest alarm technology? What have you done to prevent any unwanted access to your entranceway?

A space-saving solution

Standard gates provide a barrier but often have unsightly locks or chains and do not provide enough protection from intruders. Most businesses require gates on their access points, but space is often an issue, especially in built-up areas. The risk of gates swinging open and hitting vehicles or pedestrians is enough to spark fear in anybody, which is why electric sliding gates are the perfect alternative.

Handmade electric and automated gate for any entrance

Electric sliding gates look stylish thanks to the absence of manual locks and chains, and they are incredibly strong and durable. Here at DC Gate Solutions, we design and install cantilever or rail sliding gates with access control. All our commercial sliding gates are manual or automatically operated and conform to the highest safety regulations, giving you peace of mind, when you need it most.

Cantilever gates

Supported by rails, cantilever gates “hang” without the use of a track underneath for support.

Rail sliding gates

Unlike cantilever gates, a rail is implanted into the ground beneath the entranceway for the gate to run along. The gate is fitted with wheels which follow the track to prevent movement which can warp or damage the gates mechanism.

Access control methods that suit you

We offer a vast range of access control methods for your commercial sliding gates, including:

  • Fob entry
  • Pin codes
  • Remote operated

Whether you’re based in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, or surrounding areas, please speak to our friendly customer service team to discuss your options further.

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