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Read our quick comprehensive guide on the reasons as to why you should consider installing a set automated gates.

It’s no wonder electric gates are gaining popularity throughout the UK. For instance, if you hate getting out of your car just to open the gate before entering your home, then automatic gates will surely suit you. You can quite simply open the electric gate remotely at any time, or by motion, set times, by pin code or even by number plate recognition . Automated gates are usually very well furnished and hence can be a great addition to give your property that give it that ultra fine look. Here’s a quick breakdown of why you should consider a set of automated gates.

1.      High-level security

Automatic gates are often made of strong materials such as hard woods or steel. The difficulty in one trying to break through a closed electric gate will be a challenge for any enthusiastic intruder.

2.      Convenience

Open, close and lock your gate anytime, anywhere with just a click of a button, a remote or an app. Safe to say automating your gate adds certainly adds ease to your life.

3.      Plenty of styles to choose from

Electric gates can be customized for limitless possibilities. Your sliding gate for example can be integrated with access control systems to suit your needs.

4.      Automated gates add value to your property

Install an electric gate to give your property that ultra fine look. Automated gates are a thing of beauty that should help you fetch that higher price for your property should you ever wish to pop it on the market.

5.      Safety

Struggling with strangers straying near or on your property? Gate automation solves your problem by granting you control over anyone moving in and out of your home premise. Why not even extend your security with with fences or walls alike.

6.      After-sales services

Upon completion of an electric gate project, you will be accompanied by our technical team for guidance and training. That’s right, we show you how to click the buttons, and of course demonstrate the installation. In addition, you’ll also get an after care package, warranty for peace of mind of your instillation as well as gate automation servicing plans for the years to come.


So, from one person to another, manual vs automated, the reasons for getting a set of automated gates installed definitely out weighs the traditional manual approach. Bare in mind, we’re DC Gate solutions and we’re a little biased, but can you blame us? It’s what we do day in day out!. When it comes to manual vs automated electric gates, we believe most would agree that convenience leads the way,  who could resist the power to control access just by a few clicks on a remote or via an app or their car registration. If you’re interested to find out how electric gates can help please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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